Create digital forms do not need to be complicated, but can be extremely useful to improve the communications with your team and increase your sales. Here are some examples that our customers used every day.

#1 – Sample Request Forms

Request samples should be something simple, quick and easy. Make it complicated and your prospect may look somewhere else.

#2 – Sales Support Request

How fast and effective you can respond to a sales support request? Are they go into a general email and most people ignore them? We can help you.

#3 – Service Support Request

More and more people want a faster response for service support request. No one wants to sit on hold on the phone or worst send an email to get a reply that you will get help in the next 24 to 48 hours. Make it easy for your customers but also for your team to be really effective and responsive.

#4 – Lead Capture at Trade Shows

The ROI (Return on Investment) from a Trade Show depend on the capture and later follow up with the Leads you get in the show. By the time you collect those business cards, add them to your CRM and begin contacting people the person most likely forgot about you. Let us show you a more effective way.

#5 – Order Forms

Can your team do an order form right there? If they can’t you may be losing sales. Have you considered that you don’t really know how many? You ca get the order form right there, easy and quick.


Using mobile forms is a simple way to get the prospect or customer faster into the systems you already have in place but most importantly show them how effective and responsive your company is from day one. That may be all you need to earn the sale.

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Download PDF