Time. Everyone wants more of it, but everyone seems to have less. Technology was supposed to give us more time for better productivity, but instead it has given us more responsibilities with tighter deadlines. Everyone is multitasking to the point where it is impossible to keep track of everything. Sales Managers don’t have time to keep their CRM up-to-date. Marketing Managers don’t have time to track their campaigns properly. Sales people don’t have time to properly execute marketing strategies that are put in place. Now sales and productivity suffers, and the company’s entire sales and marketing department is a mess. Why does it feel like technology is all of a sudden working against us?

The answer is that most companies do not have the proper support tools and processes put in place. The solution is called, “Sales Enablement”.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the term used to describe tools and processes that help your sales team achieve their sales goals. It is different than CRMs, email marketing software, and other applications which are focused more on tracking and reporting sales. Sales Enablement is used during the act of selling or presenting your product or service. It makes your sales reps more effective and gives them a greater opportunity to close a deal.

There are two key aspects to Sales Enablement: Strategy and Tools.
Your company needs both.  A good strategy put in place utilizing the proper tools to execute it. A good analogy would be that of a carpenter or a builder. If a carpenter has a good blueprint and the most up-to-date tools to work from, he or she will be much more efficient and finish the job in a shorter amount of time with better results. If the carpenter had to work without a blueprint and the wrong or obsolete tools, the entire project would be a chaotic, over-budget mess.  For that reason is important to enact Sales Enablement.

Think for a moment what is your company’s sales strategy? What tools are you using? Do you have the proper tools?

Want more information, you can watch this YouTube video that contains a great explanation of Sales Enablement, the strategy, and the tools.

What is Sales Enablement?