Nothing is more frustrating than making a visit to a member of our sales team only to see that the catalogues and brochures we sent 3 months ago are still in the box…

Professional marketers spend a lot of time and energy creating content to help their sales teams succeed. Videos, newsletters and brochures are time consuming to create and require a lot of creative energy. But most of the time, they don’t know if their sales team likes what they have created or if they are even using it.

The MEGAstream Marketing Cloud Solution allows a marketer to know what material is being used and what material is not. You can see if your brochure was emailed, by whom and to whom. You can even see if it was opened and on what type of device.

The powerful analytics provided by MEGAstream give clarity to marketers about what content is being used. Those same analytics help sales managers to coach team members by comparing usage, and activity. In other words, it allows management to see things they couldn’t see before.