There are multiple ways to approach the problems that companies have regarding the communication of their sales and marketing teams. Many choose to force their team to comply with the rules of their game. Other simply choose to optimize for behavior instead.

Doesn’t matter if you are consciously or unconsciously doing this as a company, your marketing team and your sales team are getting one of the other right now.

The problem with forcing people to comply with the rules is that they will spend hours finding ways to outsmart the system.

Think for a moment about this. Your marketing team creates the documents and seems like sales people simply ignore them, do not know where they are, or how to find them.

When you instead focus on optimizing behavior the compliance increases naturally, people feel more productive, and is more efficient.

When you focus on optimize behavior your team instead of trying to outsmart the system will spend time making the system smart. Big difference!

When you work to create a bridge between sales and marketing and help your team to address the common problems they have they act as one team instead of competing departments and your results simply show.

In our experience when we work with companies and help them change from forcing people to comply with rules to a more optimized for behavior marketing approach we accomplish at least this three things:

  1. We increase the engagement of their sales team with the marketing material in more than 30%
  2. We increase the feedback that the marketing team gets from the sales team in more than 40%
  3. We increase the understanding of marketing campaigns and marketing materials
The result of these things is simply an increase in sales.

The question to meditate on: Are your marketing efforts optimized for behavior or forcing people to comply? If you are not optimizing for behavior when do you plan to start?