If your marketing content is not available on an app you are wasting even much more than the 60 to 70% of your marketing efforts. In a past blog post, we mention a study that claims that 60 to 70% of your Marketing Efforts are wasted. You can read it here.

In an as interesting study, the people of Flurry Mobile analyzed the time that people in the US spend by App category on their mobile. The numbers are interesting. You can read the whole study here, but look at the following graph:

The opening of their article brings another interesting thing… According to their study, the time-spent in mobile apps grew by 69% year-over-year.

  • Let’s put together this information. For a moment so you can digest it.
    – The time spends in Apps in last year grow 69%.
    – Users spend 92% of their time in mobile phones inside apps.
    – 60 to 70% of your Marketing efforts are wasted by your own team.

How are you doing so far? The interesting thing is that you know this information. You are using your phone more, you are using more apps than last year, depending more on them every day. You still do not have access to your marketing materials on your phone.

Even that your own habits had changed, you haven’t upgraded the systems in your company so your users (that may be even savvier than you) can access your material. You wonder why your distributor Chanel do not use your marketing material and only sell 10 out of your 60 product offering.

You continue considering that get a real solution to managing your marketing assets, that allow you to have analytics, reports, sales enablement capabilities, secure sharing, mobile apps and much more is not necessary…

Studies are showing that you are simply wasting your marketing efforts and marketing assets. Maybe is not you, maybe is them…

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