Are you aware that your next big marketing campaign is being ignored by your sales team right now? They don’t know where the files are. They didn’t pay attention to the training. They do not understand the importance of the campaign or how it’s going to help them. The problem is that these people are the ones that will be talking with your prospects about your product!

The big negative is that they are ignoring the marketing materials your company just created. Even worse is that you as their sales manager or VP of Sales are not even aware that they aren’t being used, but are wondering why they are not bringing results.

You think your company is unique in this regard? Think again. This is one of the most common issues companies have. Their sales and marketing teams are not communicating.

Sales people think only about hitting their quota while marketing is thinking about connecting with the prospect in a different way. They aren’t even looking at the same aspect of things. From the marketing perspective, salespeople do not pay attention. From the sales perspective, marketing is out of touch and does not understand what sales need to do and what they need to present to the prospect. Neither one is communicating this difference to the other either.

It is a major problem with multiple symptoms. Partially, marketing is frustrated because sales can’t find the latest version and the current promotion, so they use whatever version is available. Sales are frustrated because it seems that marketing is adding complexities and failing to explain or present a concept in a way that people can understand.

The solution is simple. You need a bridge between your sales and marketing people. A place where salespeople can instantly find your company’s digital assets. A place where marketing can obtain reports and analytics of what it is happening and get feedback on what assets are being used and which ones are not.

MEGAstream X2 is the solution you need.

What’s the use of creating a marketing campaign that simply gets ignored? What use are big marketing initiatives for which you can’t get any feedback? Why did you just create your latest big marketing campaign if your sales team is consistently ignoring your initiatives?