The more layers between your marketing department and your sales team, the harder it is to maintain a consistently strong message. This assumes you are expecting your sales team to come and find the marketing material and digital content that you have created. What can an organization do?

One of the things your organization can do is to create systems that push marketing content at the sales force. There are effective methods and also less efficient methods to achieve this. Using email, for example, is not what we would consider a good medium.

Recently we worked with a company that was having the following problem:

Even though it has 60 SKUs in the distribution channel, it was only selling 10 of them. It was as if the other 50 did not exist.

When we sat down with them, the first thing we noticed was that their strategy to share marketing content and digital assets wasn’t the best method – they were using the email system. By the time the sales reps in the channel needed that information, they could not remember who sent the relevant email or how to find the information amidst the tons of PDFs that they had filed away.

30 days later, after MEGAstream X2 was implemented, that sales channel was able to find all the marketing content and digital assets in one place immediately. For the first time, it had real-time access to company news and promotions. Not only that, but they could search for and see the whole catalog of more than 60 SKUs. Most importantly, for the first time, the company began seeing some of the other 50 SKUs being sold by the channel.

In general, the biggest problem with channel marketing is not the creation of marketing content, but in how you share marketing content through the channel.

If you are trusting email, shared drives, or virtual folders that only enable one-way communication, you are leaving a lot behind on the table. It’s like getting your sales team to make calls with marbles in their mouth and hope that the prospect understands the message.

Let’s look into your system and let’s work together to remove the marbles.

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