Increase your team engagement with your Marketing Materials is one of the premises on which was build MEGAstream X2. That’s some of the results that we have seen on the customers that have to implement our solution.

MEGAstream X2 is the first application designed to look and analyze all your pre-sales and post-sales activities. It was developed to create a bridge between sales and marketing addressing the most common problems for companies regarding their marketing material and digital assets engagement.

Interestingly, many companies struggle with their sales people, their distributors, their sales reps and the marketing materials and assets. Something that one think should be easy to accomplish from a technology perspective turns to be a big challenge. Add on top of that the inability to create reports and analytics on those assets and you have a nightmare on your hands.

It is not an option for a company to stop doing marketing. It should not be an option either to continue doing marketing materials and digital assets when there is no feedback, analytics and a simple way to ensure your people are using them.

I like to share a story from a customer of us. When we begin working with them out of their 60 products line they sold only 10 consistently via distribution. A big problem. We begin working with them and in less than 30 days after implementation, they went not only for a record month but instead of 10 kind products in distribution they sold 45 different kinds of products.

For the first time, the distributor had all the marketing materials where he needs it to help our customer make more sales.

To make matters better, for the first time this company was getting feedback not only on the product but in their marketing materials that make them modify a new campaign that they will go running and save them a lot of time and money to have the data on hand.

Are you ready to increase the engagement of your marketing materials by 40% or more? Let’s talk.