We all strive to improve our sales and marketing teams’ performance. It’s a tough job. You constantly need to keep track of everyone’s sales goals and make sure they have up-to-date marketing material. You need to make sure everyone is following the same steps of the company’s messaging and marketing strategy. If you have distributors, that tough job just became tougher. How do you track what they do? Most companies expect that their distribution managers will push the marketing materials.

Whether your marketing material is sent in physical form as catalogs and brochures or sent via email as digital assets, it may surprise you to know that most of your team will not see it. Only some of your team members will make sure your distributors receive it. They are traveling or otherwise busy and many times will present the wrong material, outdated content, or no content. Your potential buyer is looking at your substandard digital assets and a gazillion others from your competitors and what they want it is an easy way to make their decisions.

Times have changed, and so have your potential customers. Most customers have already done online research into what they need and in some cases they have already done comparison shopping. The people calling your distributors most of the time have the same or better information than your distributors.Your distributor now has even less time to build the relationship and close the sale; Now more than ever it is imperative that your distributors have the most up-to-date marketing materials and are implementing your sales strategy effectively.

I spend a lot of my day talking with marketing individuals who are frustrated. I spend a lot of time talking with salespeople and sales managers who don’t have a clue if anyone is using the digital assets. I talk to a great number of sales reps who wish for a better way to help distributors generate more sales. What I found is that all of them have these three issues in common:

These 3 issues are common to most organizations:

  1. No way of tracking content usage, who is using it, or what version of the content is being used
  2. Difficulty updating marketing materials
  3. Difficulty getting updated marketing materials in the hands of the sales reps and distributors

These pains aren’t new. They were present when you only used printed catalogs and brochures. They were present when the CEO got his first sales job. The foolish will argue that you don’t need to fix them right away because they have been present since the company was founded and will be present for many more years… but the savvy will take steps NOW before the following things happen:

Your competitor begins securely sharing their own digital assets with shared distributors.

Your competitor is able to update relevant assets for distributors, faster than you can.

Your competitor shows your distributors and sales channel an easy way to search, locate and utilize THEIR marketing materials.

Your competitor begins receiving real-time analytics with actionable reports on who is using what inside the sales channel.

Your competitor discovers us!

You can wait until your competitor does all of this, or you can beat your competitors today! Call us or request a demo now.