Part of what our MEGAstream X2 platform can do is help companies create better sales connections one trade show at the time.

Trade shows are necessary, it is a great place to make connections, network, sales and more. Sadly for many companies, it is also a place where a lot of money is spent and a little return is produced.

It is really nice when we get feedback from customers telling us how we change the way they do Trade Shows and that for the first time they have seen the return on investment (ROI) to a show almost immediately.

We all have done trade shows, it is fun but also overwhelming. You get back to your hotel room with hundreds of brochures and business cards and in many cases do not even remember the details of the things you talk about, the opportunities that you can have or the problems you can solve. Many times your hope is that the sales person follow up with you. Many times that didn’t happen.

In most cases, companies have no idea their sales team didn’t follow up. By the time information is added to the CRM is late. That’s one of the strengths of MEGAstream X2, not only allow your team to act immediately, but will give the company the opportunity to complement the strengths of their CRM in ways that they can’t even dream today.

Now imagine a different way to do it. If you are having trouble imagining it then lets chat, because we can show you not only a way to get instantly the analytics for the trade show but more importantly to get a real effective way to capture and follow up with the information that you collect in them and complement your CRM in ways that you thought were impossible.

Imagine that your company can improve the way it does trade shows. Imagine that you show the prospect that your company remembers the conversation you have with them. That they receive the pertinent information almost instantly instead of a week later. Even better imagine that you can show upper management the results not days after the show but hours into the show.

Trade shows are necessary, having at your fingertips the marketing materials, the capture ability and the possibilities to produce reports and analytics simply give you a better way to do it.

Are you ready to see different results? Let’s talk so I can show you a better way to do Trade shows.