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We Empower Organizations To Perform Efficiently & Effectively.

Since our inception, we have delivered consultation and software to eliminate inefficiencies and to operate at peak performance.

The MEGAstream Marketing Solution was created over 9 years ago as a web solution to solve the issues from working with channel partners such as distributors, manufacturer reps and sales agents. As we continued to work with other companies, we realized the issues were not unique to our clients but pertained to the business model.

The result is MEGAstream Marketing Solutions: A cloud-based app helping organizations manage the distribution and engagement of their marketing material. What makes MEGAstream unique is that it is purpose-built for distributed sales teams.

Our goal is to provide short-staffed and highly stressed marketing teams an easy way to monitor, manage and grow with their high-performing sales teams and channel partners while eliminating non value added tasks.

We continue to add more features and refine the experience, through conversation and feedback from our clients and partners. If you think you can help us with our goal, we’d love to hear from you.
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MEGAstream LLC has more than 20 years of experience in providing digital marketing, production and distribution services. The company brings the diversity of its expertise across a wide range of market segments. The organization comprises a team of creative technologists providing resources, media solutions and technical services to wide range of organizations and industries. The company offers is clients the strategic advantage of leveraging different disciplines of design, programming and marketing technology. We have integrated teams to augment your projects for the superior execution of assignments. MEGAstream is driven by the way it deploys its marketing expertise, utilizes technology, and customizes its marketing products and programs. MEGAstream delivers innovative and optimized digital content, customized content delivery vehicles, client development and marketing analytics solutions for clients around the world. The company has developed many applications for a diverse range of industries including applications for eCommerce, customer and support portals, and inventory management systems.

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